Herbal tea " Dauria. Dzeren"

Herbal tea " Dauria. Dzeren"

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INGREDIENTS: fermented ryabinkolistnaya lapchatka, Kuril tea (five-leaf shrub), chamomile.

An incredibly delicious and soft combination of lapchatka and another amazing folk tea - Kuril tea will strengthen the immune system and improve overall well-being due to the rich chemical composition of plants, and the substances contained in chamomile will suppress the growth of bacteria in the body and, thus, help prevent various diseases and activate the immune system.

STORAGE: Store at t no higher than 25 * C and at a relative humidity of no more than 70 %. In terms of storage characteristics, this amazing product can be compared to wine, because the longer it is stored under the right conditions, the more interesting and rich its taste becomes.

CONTRAINDICATIONS: individual intolerance to the components

WEIGHT: 100g / pack

Main characteristic
Weight 100g
Storage conditions
Store at t not higher 25*С
Store at relative humidity not more than 70%

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